About Oz


Oz is a biology geek and performer. He is a researcher at University College London and performs at science events and comedy gigs around the country.


Oz is a science communicator, comedian and podcaster. He regularly performs at various festivals, events and comedy shows and is a member of The Talent Factory.

He also co-hosts a podcast called "Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet?" which tells compelling and diverse stories, combining science and tech with popular culture and comedy.

Oz is an advocate for diversity, and co-founded the Minorities in STEM network to help support and showcase ethnic minorities in science. He is also passionate about raising LGBTQ+ voices both within science and within ethnic minority groups. 

Oz is currently completing his PhD in dementia research. He studies how the brain cleans itself, and spends most of his time imaging and colouring in brains.


Prior to this, he researched bone development and spent a lot of time taking X-rays. He has seen more bones than you (probably). 

In his days as an undergraduate, Oz studied physiology and also took a year out to do a research placement in genetics.

When he is not doing science, he loves talking about it or telling everyone about the shenanigans he gets into in the lab when attempting to prove (or break!) hypotheses.

You can probably get Oz involved in anything if you can convince him that it is for science. His limits are yet to be tested.


Photography by Dr. Steve Cross